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Globals has drastically grown from a small home office to a globally recognized enterprise offering world-class quality solutions on Web and Cloud, Enterprise Application Development, and Product Development services for various industries including Education, Government, Media & Online Services, Financial Services and to Independent Software Vendors. Globals has enabled its customers to be game changers in their industry through its disruptive and innovative solutions.

Our excellence in technical stewardship and service-offering expertise has facilitated our clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune Global 500 – to explore new business opportunities, reduce their operational costs significantly, cut down carbon emissions and boost their revenues. Today, Globals enjoys a strong position in the industry as a high-performing leader through its technology innovation and remarkable domain expertise.

At Globals, we have always placed quality over quantity, mind over machine and unity over uni-opinion. Our work culture and philosophy has helped us to establish employee friendly workplace where team spirit and leadership is well nurtured. There is a lot of enthusiasm among our people to perform and this enables our work more streamlined and solutions meet the prescribed time boundary.


“To be a world class IT solution provider and to become one of the most preferred IT partner in the world.”



“At Globals, we aim to offer cost effective world class quality IT solutions to every customer and to translate our solutions into value for our customers with an commitment to conduct our business in a fair, ethical and legal manner at every level of our organization.”

Our Values


We encourage our people to be entrepreneurial and we are committed to provide them a platform to perform, innovate and discover. Our people have gone the extra mile to take up every challenge and risk. At Globals, we strongly believe in team work and thus we understand No one is as smart as all of us!


We believe in commitment as doing whatever it takes to deliver our promise to every stakeholder of Globals. Our people are responsible, punctual and accountable making us a result oriented organization.


Globals is committed to conduct its business in ethical and legal principles. We have always encouraged honest and open debate at every step of our business.


At Globals, for us swiftness and speed means to be responsive to every customer with a sense of importance. We have always respected time and hence, our minds are set to work in a wavelength to deliver results to our customers within the prescribed time boundary.


We at Globals understand we have miles to go before even looking back. Hence we do not rest on our prior laurels. Laurels come and go, progress is the only thing on our minds, and will be the same for the time to come. For us modesty means discretion, impulsiveness and frankness in relations.


We want all employees to feel like they work with Globals, not for Globals. We think it's important to have fun with your workmates while working and contributing to the Globals team. "No one is as smart as all of us!