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Globals’ Enterprise Application Development service constitutes of ideation, application consulting, custom application development, testing and validation. Globals develops world-class quality business applications that help your organization increase operational efficiency with creating and delivering value to your customers.

At Globals, we adopt agile methodology to quickly build high quality business applications using popular technology stacks in both Microsoft® .NET and LAMP or Ruby on Rails (Open Source). Our talent, frameworks and best practices, has enabled us to streamline development with highest quality standards, and deliver within the budget and timeline.

Globals Enterprise Applications Development services accelerate the delivery of high quality business applications, with no or minimal defects backed by innovation.

Creating and Delivering Value to your business and to your customers

Globals enables business applications differentiate your business and increase operational efficiency. Our business application development process compromises of feature-rich cloud applications and technologies that focus on usability, user-experience, security and scalability. This will help your business to set a yardstick in the marketplace, with increase in the productivity of your business and your business’ customer satisfaction.

Globals develops custom applications on .Net, PHP, Rails and Mobile (iOS, Android and Windows 8) that are in line with your business requirements, to enrich the user experience and improve efficiency.

Preparing your business applications for Big Data

Every day, there more than 3.0 quintillion bytes of data is produced from climate sensors capturing data on the whether, social networking portals, digital media such as photos to videos, telecom, web analytics, communication platforms, sales data, etc. This is big data!

In case your organization is not leveraging on the data that’s available, you may be missing out on opportunities that could significantly transform your business to deliver increased revenues and lower costs. Organizations can significantly benefit from the data from its operational and strategic decisions using only the existing data residing on their business applications.

Companies that are able to make sense of the available data and use them will be the big winners and build their competitive edge. With big data you can:

  • Discover new patterns and data relationships impacting your business
  • Understand your customer and their needs better and offer solutions to meet their business needs
  • Enhance in operational and strategic decision making
  • Identify new opportunities and new markets to explore
  • Precisely forecast business outcomes and trends before they occur
  • Run your organization in a proactive environment than being reactive

Globals can help you in capturing and analyzing the data available in your organization, and can develop business applications to work with big data using platforms such as Apache Hadoop framework or NoSQL database such as MongoDB.

Collaboration & Social Platforms for your organization

The power of Web is starting to force open the boundaries of organizations, allowing nonemployees to offer their expertise and share their knowledge with organizations. Companies are pushing substantially beyond that starting point, building and managing flexible networks that extend across internal and often even external borders. The recession underscored the value of such flexibility in managing volatility. Companies are using social-network analysis, by which the companies are able map information flows and knowledge resources among its worldwide staff. This encourages healthy competition amongst the employees and boosts openness and collaboration across borders, business units and departments. Globals offers an array of solutions to meet your organization’s Enterprise 2.0 needs, such as Intranet Portals, Collaboration Platforms, Social Networking Portals for your business, platforms to remotely induct your aspirant employees, training and skill development. Our solutions have helped in increase in productivity, fostering innovation and growth, and reduction of attrition. Globals' Solutions